Meet Laura

meetlauraI am a healer, a guide and a dreamer.

I welcome people with a smile and my heart open. I have already been intuitive and spiritual and I seek to understand the world around me. ThetaHealing has helped me to understand my feelings, thoughts and experiences. Yearning to understand the these forces, I constantly dive into the science behind healing.

I have a degree in Engineering and I am a ThetaHealing Certificate of Science and Master Instructor and Practitioner and a Crystal Viewing (Past-Life Regression) Practitioner. I have been able to reach many beautiful souls all over the world since I started my practice and teaching in English and Spanish 5 years ago.

ThetaHealing has increased my abilities, my confidence and my accuracy and have transformed my life.

I enjoy and love studying, reading and attending workshops that complement my practice and my teaching. Currently I am studying Bioneuremotion with EnricCorbera and will graduate in December 2017.

My inspiration comes from the ones I reach through unconditional love. I provide the necessary space, time and support to guide them to their understanding, healing and transformation, I walk with them through the possibility to create their dreams, to live them and enjoy them.

I thrive through the possibilities that we can create, live and enjoy, so if you are ready to create them I invite you to thrive with me.