Being accompanied in such a loving and so profound process by a person who has gone on rising in life so consistently provides consistent certainty and security.

Thanks Laura for constantly amaze me and share with me the greatness that comes from God and your willingness to put it in the hands of us all.

I love You.

Palmira Chavez, Leon, GTO, MEXICO

Laura, my great ThetaHealer®

I thank life for finding someone like her, to accompany me on this journey of life.

With her help I have learned to heal and solve my present and when I fall, she has taught me to start over through
love and compassion towards myself.

With her it is a much easier way. Whenever we finished the session I will say “Take it is to lead the soul to the spa”

I will not get tired of thanking her, so as Sofia and Emiliano

Angelica Cabezas Ibañez , Mexico D.F.

Laura is an excellent teacher who from the beginning creates an environment of love in the group. It gives valuable tools and especially the confidence that each one can achieve a reading, a healing. I commend her for her dedication and the love that she puts in. Thanks for sharing.

Marisol Martinez, Irapuato, Guanajuato, MEXICO

Laura is an exceptionally special individual. I have had the gift of receiving healings and witness her teaching; her joy, kindness, and vibrant enthusiasm for the awakening and healings of her clients and students is inspiring. She is strong and brave as a healer and teacher, and I would recommend her classes or healing sessions to anyone who is looking to remember their own true potential.

Amy J. Hellman, ThetaHealing® Master, MST.

Well I will begin by thanking the Creator of All That it Is for sending this wonderful being that for me is an angel. Thanks to her, her sessions and ThetaHealing I changed my way of seeing life, I learned how to heal the wounds of the soul and how to remove all fears. She is an excellent teacher, the classes I have taken from her are truly entertaining, she teaches with grace and ease and you understand everything, the truth is she is just a great ThetaHealer® and it is with a great pride that I say thanks thanks thanks Laura Alejandra Hernandez for all !!!

Araceli Gonzalez, The Woodlands, TX

ThetaHealing have changed my life 100%  !! Thanks Laura for supporting me in the process of removing deep beliefs that prevented me to believe in myself. Now I’m calmer, focused, and live without anxiety. Let go for more!

Karina Romero, Katy, TX

Working with Laura reconnected me to my spirituality, and reminded me to believe once again in the power of All That There Is. The veil has been lifted and I intend to use it to my highest and best good.

Angie Romero, Katy, TX

My dear friend and teacher. It’s a pleasure to have had the opportunity to take some seminars with you. You have taught me so much. Since taking your courses I have grown immensely my  spirituality as I have understood all shared teaching.

You have the ability to touch our hearts and enter our mind with passion and wisdom.

You leave a print on all beings that you touch, hear and aid.

Soon I’ll be taking more of the wonderful courses that you have to share with us all.

Blessings Infinite Light Peace and Love.

Denisse Ivone McCoy, Magnolia, TX

My name is Mary. I heard of ThetaHealing a long time ago but thought it would be too hard to learn. In August, I had a ThetaHealing session in Mexico but there were still certain things I needed to change and blockages that I needed to let go of. I came back to Houston and started researching. I found a ThetaHealer and had a healing but still needed more. I was at a time in my life were I felt stuck, depressed and had a lot of health problems. I did not like myself or how I felt.

After my healing, I felt ThetaHealing is something that I would love to do and it no longer seems too difficult.  I have always loved healing work and have taken other classes about energy healing. Thanks to my wonderful son, I was able to register for the classes.

I took the Basic and Advanced classes with Laura and loved them.  It cleared up a lot of my negative beliefs and removed fears I had.  Laura is an awesome person, healer and teacher.  She is patient, makes the class interesting and puts her heart into it. If you do not understand something, she explains it until you do. I want to take many other classes with her.  She is a sweet and loving person with amazing light around her.  Her class was magical and the days flew by. We were in a place of peace, love and light, being connected to the Creator.  It was absolutely amazing! I do not have words to describe the wonderful feeling.

I had asked God for this for so long. I wanted to be able to understand, to be able to heal without complications, rules and preconceptions.  God is simple. God does not complicate things. God is love and this is what Theta healing is.  I am so grateful to the Universe for bringing ThetaHealing to me, to heal me, and help heal others.  The timing was perfect for me. Thank you Laura Alejandra Hernandez for your love, support, understanding and for teaching the best classes!!! I am looking forward to learning more and more from you.

Everything that Laura does she does it from the HEART!!!

ThetaHealing came into my life when it was the right moment for it to come. Thanks to this “technique” I discovered the universe that exists behind my eyes, in my heart and in every cell of my body. I have learned to connect with my inner peace, to find the balance between giving and receiving unconditional love. It makes me very happy to help others through ThetaHealing, it clear to me that by helping others I help myself. Knowing I am part of the “whole” and a participant in the common good, is the best gift I can give.

Alejandra for me has been a great partner in this adventure to my healing. From her I learned to recognize the importance of unconditional love because that is what I have always received from her from the very moment I met her.

Thanks for being infinite Ale .. In Lak’ech 🙏

Thanks to Vianna for sharing your experience and your magic through ThetaHealing.

Valentina Castro