Living life through waves

Today, I spent sometime swimming in paradise, and the waves caught my profound attention as I began to compare them to life.
Some where easy and fun to swim through, some where more challenging, and I had to built a strategy to swim them through, some caught me off guard as I was daydreaming under a beautiful blue sky.
Some hit me hard, I even drank some salty water and some of it went into my nose.
Sometimes I could not reach the bottom, some I did, and a quite few times I hit the same rock, even though I kept swimming away from it.
But every time I was excited and happy to be expecting the next one while enjoying the amazing water I was surrounded by.
It was a precious moment, I felt true joy and happiness running through my cheeks.
And I thought… this is just life.
It have always been easy for me to acknowledge the good around me, but I have spent my life making others happy. And somewhere in my road call my life, I stopped, just as I stop expecting the next wave, and I asked myself if I was happy to go for the next. I wasn’t.
I decided not to stop swimming but to enjoy swimming and have fun taking only the waves that will make me happy.
But you cannot miss a wave. They will always come to you.
I have been through ups and downs this last two years or maybe a little longer, it has been hard, I have planned, but waves have caught me off guard, I have drunk water, I have lost a safe place to be standing on, I have hit the same rock more than a couple of times. Some waves have hold me and some have pushed me. Some have lift me, some have made me feel the ground. But I have found myself happy expecting the next one.
I now know where I want to swim to, and I am ready to swim waves, under, through or over.
I am swimming this beautiful ocean that is life, this time from a place of inner joy.
Thanks to all that have hold my hand, to those who have given me a place to stand, rest and breath, to those who have help me by keeping my head out of the water.
Thanks to the universe for sending me today as I swim my waves a bit of happiness through the sky

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