Meet Laura


My goal in life is to open space for love. For that we must have a coherent heart and brain, that will create for us love and therefore joy, happiness, peace, health and abundance in every corner of our lives

My most loved aspect of myself is that I welcome the ones around me with a smile and an open heart and my strength is being accountable of my whole reality.

I have a degree in Engineering, a ICF Spiritual Life Coach, a HeartMath Trainer & Mentor, and a Thetahealing® Certificate of Science & Master Instructor.

All my life I have been intuitive and spiritual, and on the quest to understand the world that surrounds me.

For myself ThetaHealing® initially opened the door to learn and understand the power that our thoughts, feelings and prayers have in our life experience. The transformation I have achieved and have witness in others through this technique made me felt in love with it and propeled me to become a ThetaHealing® Practitioner, a Master Instructor & Certificate of Science, teaching all the ThetaHealing® catalogue.

Through my ICF  Spiritual Life Coach techniques, I coach the ones that are not attracted to energy healing techniques but that are still aware that change is within themselves. With the Divine Intelligence Coaching Process I provide space for others to thrive life by being their authentic their self, leaving all limiting conditions behind.

As a  Heartmath  Trainer & Mentor certification  I offer stress-free strategies through intelligent energy self-regulation and science-based techniques that will help you build resilience and improve your health, balance your emotions, or improve performance in business or sports, so you will have more energy, experience calmer, better relationships, and improved outcomes.

I enjoy and love studying, reading and attending workshops that complement my practice and my teaching so I constantly learn and practice to increase my abilities, my confidence and my accuracy in order to transform my life and help others to do the same. I mostly dive into the science behind healing through other techniques such as Dr. Joe Dispenza and Resonance Academy.

Learn more about my skills and story on The Social Network for Wellness.

In my journey I have been able to reach many beautiful souls all over the world through my fully spoken English, Spanish and French since I started my practice.

My inspiration comes from the ones I reach through unconditional love. I provide the necessary space, time and support to guide them to their understanding, healing and transformation. I walk with them through the possibility to create their dreams, to live them and enjoy them.

I thrive knowing that we can create, live and enjoy our dreams, and by doing so create a happier, healthier and more loving planet for everyone to live on.

So if you are ready to create them I invite you to thrive with me, create love within you and HALO LOVE around you, the most powerful energy that is, and then as you HALO LOVE and transformed everything within you and around you, you will realized that you are be living the life you wish and dream to live.