Laura has given me so much, not only during our AMAZING one on one sessions, but in all the courses and classes that she host.

With her you’ll only increase the amount of love, knowledge and power you have in your life.
I’ll always be thankful for finding her in my life; she is not just a teacher and the best instructor, she is part of my success stories and growth.

Love you!!!!

Ana Paula Ballesteros

Laura Alejandra is a beautiful, special, brilliant, gifted woman, mother, ThetaHealer, and ThetaHealing teacher. It was the solid foundation that she provided in Basic DNA class (and much more!) that really helped me succeed in healing myself from Lupus, awakening from the fog of depression, becoming a healer, and setting me on my divine life path. It was her continual encouragement and love that helped me dive deeper into my soul longing. Houston and the world, you have one amazing ThetaHealing teacher and healer here with Laura Alejandra. Seize any and every opportunity to learn from her or heal with her, it’s worth it! She’s the greatest life teacher I ever had (aside from Vianna, lol).Thank you for the continual encouragement! I celebrate my success in getting my Instructors Certification with you! With deep love and gratitude

Crystal Hinton

One way I can explain seeing Laura is she is like 2 years worth of therapy rolled up in one session!! My first energy reading session, she told me I was taking on the feelings of those around me, I was processing their feelings but not my own. I was astounded!! Because she was 1000% spot on!! I would have never been able to have been aware of this without Laura!! Maybe with a couple years of therapy, but that’s a maybe. She also gave me more information about myself that I have been able to use to improve my health / life.

I continue to have appointments with Laura, and since seeing her, I started feeling from my heart! I did not realize I was not using my heart at all, it felt frozen. Again I would never had awareness of this if it were not for my sessions with Laura

I was initially concerned about seeing Laura because I’m a Christian, and I was not sure if this was biblical, my thoughts have been totally turned around in this regard. My marriage has been repaired, my 2 daughters were saved and baptized, and I have got much closer to God! I felt my energy was blocked from God, now it’s wide open, and I feel God’s presence more than ever!!

What inspired me to see Laura, was my life altering health problems for over 30 years. I’m doing Joe Dispenza’s work, and with Laura’s help, I have turned my health around in 3-4 short months!! Over the past 30 years, I have seen dozens and dozens and dozens of doctors (even doctors out of state) did all kinds of therapies, treatments, testing, I was so desperate, I did it all!!! Even stung myself with live bees!! We have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, with little to no results!! I’m still pinching myself to make sure I’m not dreaming!!

Whatever path you take for healing, I would highly recommend Laura, even doing Joe’s work, I would still be stuck without Laura, because I would still be feeling others emotions, and my heart would still be frozen, which I don’t think I could have healed like this.

So grateful for Laura!! Highly highly recommend!!!

Sandra Drake

After several years of chronic illness and the last 3 being too sick to leave the house, a friend connected me with Laura. I am not connected to her any other way and have not been compensated for this review. It is the truth, and it is my hope that this testimonial can help others get well.

I can honestly say that after all these years and thousands of dollars spent on doctors, natural healers, supplements, treatments, traveling across the country for the next best cure, etc., Laura has helped me more than anything or anyone else get my health back and all from the comfort of my own home. In the past, I was diagnosed with parasites, Lyme Disease, MRSA, C diff, anxiety, Candida, mold, allergies, heavy metal poisoning, etc.

I always suspected there was more to chronic illness than treating the body but didn’t know how our mind and emotions are involved or how to fix it. Laura has taught me so much about using my mind, intentions, emotions and thoughts to change my reality back to health. Also, to create heart and brain coherence so the body and immune system can work correctly again. I always thought meditation was something to relax you and just a boring waste of time. Wow, I couldn’t have been more wrong! I do not miss my meditation time one day because now I understand the power I can have by reaching a higher level of consciousness. I now say I am addicted to meditating, and I hope I always will be.

I know it might sound crazy, but we truly have unlimited potential through the power within us. After 3 years of being housebound and now after 2 months of working with Laura… today, June 3rd, 2018, I spent the whole afternoon with my grandkids at a Wildlife Prairie Park. We walked for a few miles, enjoyed the animals, rode the train, and I felt great and full of energy and excitement for life. I’m not completely healed, but I am getting my life back and now that I know I have the power to do this, I do not doubt, complete and full healing is just around the corner.

Not only am I getting my life back, but I am now a different and improved me. The illness is retreating, my relationships have improved, and my love for life at 59 years of age is over the top. I look forward to each day and creating a future that I want and desire.

I believe chronic illness is always curable, but most people only want to focus on the body and not deal with the emotions, the thoughts, or the role of our conscious and unconscious minds. Most chronically ill live in fear and have subconscious programs that are keeping us sick on a daily basis. Some of these subconscious programs can go all the way back to childhood.

To overcome chronic illness in a short amount of time, it is necessary to open up to new ideas and you CAN get well again. Believe me, if I can do it in the condition I was in, anyone can do it. You just have to be willing to give it a try and give it your best, day after day until a miracle happens, because it will. Don’t give up, don’t ever give up. You can do this. An amazing future awaits you. Laura can help.

Kim Whitaker

Laura Alejandra is a beautiful soul who shares with others her light, her wisdom and her love. She is a wonderful teacher,very professional and ethical in everything she does. I enjoy her classes and they have being life changing.

Alejandra de la Campa

Hello dear ones,

I just wanted to share with you how Theta Healing has inspired and changed my life.

I started ThetaHealing in November of 2016, taking classes with Laura Alejandra Hernandez and have taken DNA, Advanced, Dig Deeper, Manifesting, Rhythm, and Soul Mate, and next week I will be taking Relationship With You and the Creator.

I am a completely new person. I have learned to accept myself and love myself; I have forgiven myself and many people. I have been able to change many many beliefs that had been holding me back. I have released 60 pounds of ONLY emotions from the past from childhood trauma, ancestors, and past lives. I have studied many healing techniques, but this is the one that I feel is the most complete and yet simple at the same time. I have learned how to let go of fear, doubts anger, resentment, regret, and rejection. I feel alive!! I feel happy. I have built my confidence in hearing the Creator, and I know that this works. I have been giving free sessions to people around the world to practice, and last week I just opened with the help of a friend my FB page, and I am so happy. I am ready to start doing sessions, and I look forward to helping many people around the world.

Love and blessings,

Maritere Lanz

Laura’s classes were amazing. She truly puts her heart into her teaching. She pushed me to go beyond where I thought was possible. I cannot wait to learn more about ThetaHealing®.


After 20 years of being a practitioner and trainer of other healing modalities, I met the ThetaHealing® technique through Alejandra. I was amazed at how high intuitive levels can be reached by anyone using a simple meditation that can bring practitioners to the right light/frequency. Alejandra is a passionate trainer and an amazing healer who has shown me things about myself that I hadn’t been able to discover with some of the best so-called “healing masters” in the world. I keep recommending her to my loved ones, as she makes us experience authentic miracles in our lives. I thank her for dedicating her life to raise consciousness and showing her graduates and clients that life is a wonderful journey.

Bibiana Vasquez

Beautiful place to find yourself in peace, love, and light, feeling yourself safety. Try it, and you will live your changed in happiness.

Laura Alejandra is that light that helps you and guides you hand-to-hand through this beautiful journey. She makes sure you feel safe and comfortable during her sessions. Love.

Avril Santi

Sometimes it happens that a person steps right in front of you, and before you know it, you realize that this person is a gift from source, and they have the ability to shepherd you and partner with you as you step forward into a new life. Laura is this person for me, and ThetaHealing is the roadmap. ThetaHealing courses with Laura left me feeling as if all of life made sense and that my life now had a clear path. Laura is a dynamic teacher, and her courses are fast-paced and interactive. My life is forever changed from my healing sessions and coursework with Laura. I now have the tools to steer my life in any direction I choose! Don’t wait, sign up for a course now and begin creating your future.

Heidi Randall

I had the opportunity to attend “Basic DNA I”. I attended Basic DNA, Advanced DNA, & Intuitive Anatomy seminars given by Laura Alejandra Hernandez, and it was very exciting for me to feel a powerful positive energy in the whole environment. I had a great change in my personal and spiritual life, and my intuition was awakened. Through these classes, I was able to fully obtain my healing from prostate cancer. Laura Alejandra manages very well her mastery of communication and her great wisdom in the subject, managing to capture the attention of everyone present. Without a doubt I recommend these seminars and sessions to all those people who already feel the need to go to a higher spiritual level. With the simplicity and great human power of Laura Alejandra, I am sure you will reach it. Thanks Laura Alejandra, and may God bless.

Javier Arcila

Siempre estaré muy agradecida con I Halo Love y con Laura Alejandra, pues fue ella mi primer maestra en la técnica de Thetahealing y ¡Vaya que tuve a una de las mejores!, pues ahora que hice mi Cerificacion como instructora de algunos Cursos con Vianna Stibal, me pude dar cuenta que Ale me enseñó todo lo que yo debía saber.

Yo llegué a la técnica hace 4 años con una condición irreversible en la lengua (atrofia del nervio lingual por parestesia) y tuve una remisión espontánea (sanación inmediata) en una sesión de Thetahelaing, fue así que supe que quería esto en mi vida para siempre tanto para mí, como para desdoblarlo en los demás. Habiéndome sanado de manera inmediata una primera vez no fue difícil volverlo hacer, esta vez en la Clase Avanzada con Ale en I Halo Love, tuve una remisión espontánea de miomas uterinos, justo en el ejercicio en el que se abren y alinean los Chakras…nunca voy a olvidar la cara de mi médico que sólo decía ¡Qué les hiciste!…

En Ale además de tener a una excelente maestra siempre encuentro apoyo, conocimiento, reconocimiento, comprensión, inspiración y mucho amor incondicional, ¡Muchas Gracias I Halo Love!, ¡Muchas Gracias Ale!

Cristi Gordillo

I am grateful to have found Laura and being able to attend the class. It has been quite a journey for me spiritually, and now I found answers to my questions in the best way I could have ever imagined. This technique has allowed me to not just understand myself and my body…but it has also opened a path for me to help others find happiness. Laura has been a wonderful mentor guiding me step by step with ease and passion. Her teachings will be treasured as I grow as a ThetaHealing practitioner.

Marco Navarrete

Laura is an amazing, kind, and loving teacher! I took her basic and advanced DNA course two years ago. The meditation skills I learned were priceless. Laura is an expert at teaching you how to calm the mind and connect with God through meditation.

Gina Papini

ThetaHealing is remarkable, and Laura is a gifted and generous teacher. I can’t wait to use what I learned and apply it in my daily life. So fun, so comprehensive, so powerful!! Already signing up for more classes.

Maria Fraytag